I'm a


I'm a


I'm a firewalker

I successfully completed the Tony Robbins Firewalk, twice…

This video will show you what I went through… On the first time I didn’t believe that I could and on the second time my fears of both emerged.

I overcame my fear and my life changed.


Press play on the video and sit back and enjoy the relaxing Nature Stream live 24/7…


Some works that I completed while in IADT

UX Research

I found this the most exciting part of my course.

Mobile Phone Apps

I loved making a mobile phone app, from the design to having a working prototype. I found this process most pleasurable.

Website Designs

I love the process of designing websites, from the paper prototype to the finished product like this website.


I found making posters very hard as so much has to go onto so little of space while showing the message.


I made a mistake but my next one will bring the learnings along to create a better one.

My Computer

I decided to build my own computer after my laptop died due to high usage from college assignments. Follow my build along with me in pictures.

Graphic Design Posters

I create a few posters during these past few years for different assignments. I have added them, the best ones 😉 here.

Web Development

I started making websites back in 1994 on a hosting site called ‘Geocities’. I am now using WordPress and HTML.


I love climbing mountains, it brings a joy to my life. These are more photos of my journeys. 

How to Get into College

I made this website as part of my course but these are the steps I took to get into college to make the website!


Airsoft is a hard game to play, it is tough and it hurts but the joy of winning a battle makes it worthwhile.

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      See you in class.

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